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Come see my Mccodes Game!


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This is a Prison Theme Mmo RPG game! As far from stock mccodes as I could! Made simple to be easy to learn!

There is a built in catch up mode with Parole..the strongest will be paroled and when your not in prison..life can be tough..no more free meals...you gotta go to work...but gives you more stuff to do when your free! So distracting those strongest people...so the non donators will be able to catch up! Please tell me what you think!

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I'm sorry but I couldn't even get past the login.

Agreed here with Veramis - your public-facing pages (login, signup) do not have an appealing design. On my desktop, it only fits half of my screen. If I scale it to a more mobile/tablet screen size, the text runs over the background image, so a lot of your text isn't even on the image anymore. So it's quite difficult for me to even get a sense of which device I should be using to play this game if this is what I see from the start.

Remember, your public facing pages are your biggest assets. You want to draw them in - and believe me, this current design does not do that.


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I have had no issues with my iPhone. I have also added it to google play to try to enhance the playing experience. I believe you only have to type in "prison hunger"

Can you give me any advise on how to improve the public facing pages? Self-taught here...

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I have also added it to google play to try to enhance the playing experience.

I decided to give this a go on my phone - I could not login, sign up, or do anything outside of the main page. You should probably look into that.


Can you give me any advise on how to improve the public facing pages?

Take a look at other sites - their designs are in chunks in order to fill the page properly. Trying this directly on my phone, I did see that it fit OK on my phone, but it's not mobile-friendly. The design size is clearly built for a mobile device (as on the desktop it only fills half of the screen), but the design itself only works on a desktop (as you cannot even remotely see the login textboxes from your phone without having to drastically zoom in).

So, my advice - focus your design to be "designed" for one device platform (mobile and/or desktop) and then optimize it for the other down the road.

You're attempting to open up into way too many markets too quickly - which is drastically hurting your user experience.


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Thanks for your input.

I do believe the text boxes are too small..I was having problems trying to get them larger.

Getting it to look correct for everyone is difficult. As some tablets and phones automatically resize text size...

I do believe some small tweaks could make the page pop up full screen on desktop.

That's why I have brought this game to this site. With everyone's experience ..I can dramatically improve this game.

I don't understand what you meant by opening up in too many markets

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Right. Everyone here is mentioning designs. And whilst it does have issues, don't feel like it's a bad thing what they are saying. It's good. It's showing you areas where you can improve and make better.

On my iPhone I saw design issues such as the ones I have uploaded.

Gameplay wise: I didn't see a lot to do. At least at the start. All I saw was do a push up, get coffee, risk coffee.

Although I did skip the slideshow tutorial as it was taking far too long and wasnt working correctly with my phone.

So tips to take away from this. Work on the design. Use something like color-hex.com and find a colour. It'll show the colours that work well along with it. There are some websites that even give you a pallete of colours that match, that you can use for a colour scheme.

Next work on design. If your primary target is mobile devices, make text visible and buttons clickable. Have everything scroll down the page. Don't double up tables etc unless you really have to.

Bootstrap can help you create a mobile design.

Gameplay wise. Make it clear to see what the players can do. And make it fun. I got 6 coffees for using all my brave then did a push up. It just said I did the push up and gave me like 100 strength. But it didn't tell me how much energy was used or the actual amount of strength rewarded.

Just a few things I saw.

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Hi, Will_b

I did not register on your game.

I truly wanted to check your game out but... The login page really does put me off.

It's not that it is bad, it's just that it isn't good either.

The login page is just an image, and an image that looks straight out of the 90's.

I also dislike how the page isn't aligned correctly, it hugs the left side of the screen.

Again, like many others have stated, you should go back and try working on the design a little more.

With a cleaner, easier to look at design it will draw in more players and hopefully active players.

I urge you to scrap the "image" based design and play around with some CSS.

Sure, use images... just don't use 1 large image for the whole design like you have, especially not an image which lacks quality.

If you need help creating a design, I will be happy to assist you.

All that I like to see is some effort.

Keep up the work on your game, there will be times when you feel overwhelmed by the amount of work that will be needed or by user requests.

Times when you just can't be bothered to work on it but, from my experiences it's best to just work straight through those rough patches, much easier said than done but the end result is almost always worth it.

Good luck with your game, I hope it goes well for you.

And most importantly, have fun!

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