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Donation System

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I want a donation system where users can choose how much cash, coins, steps they want. And items they want.

Example -

Currency (¥) x1 = $0.017.

Item 1 x1 = $1

Item 2 x1 = $5

Users can customize their purchase. Minimum of $5.

If someone can make Daves system like that I am willing to pay.

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I don't think that would be overly difficult to do? You set up a preset list of prices for 1 of each item, let the user input how much of each they would like, multiply their quantity by the price for 1, send the price to paypal, send their customised order to the databae, wait for paypal to confirm the payment, auto credit the user their order.

Shove a bit of jQuery into it to give moreless immediate feedback of the total price they'll be charged for their order.

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