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Zombie Age - Browser Based Game


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For now the game is only at localhost, but if you're interested to buy it I can upload it for you to see it.

So you want to sell it for $10k when you have no proof of revenue to show and for us to see if the investment you want us to make is worth it? You will probably have to work with us here for that. I do recognize that a lot of work had to go into it since it looks like there are butt loads of ajax involved but you will have to understand where I am coming from here.

Would it be possible to give out a demo link with limited access to the game like a player account, admin account, and some resources to tinker around with?

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Looks nice. Adventure feature looks fairly interesting although I can't read wth it says. $10k for it is a bit crazy especially since the game is not "released". Well I am assuming it's not since its on localhost. What kind of ways can this "game/engine" generate income?

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The other issue I've seen is that if one wanted to make it more unique, they will have to go out and purchase all new images since the current ones on there are free sources. Personally, I find the price to be a little too high, especially since most of the art is free. Cool idea, needs work on some extra features. The ability to actually build your own town, would provide an incentive to keep playing. After a while, you are stuck doing the same thing over and over again.


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If you are selling the whole thing, then what about this game, http://hellzombie.com?

Same game and connected to the same DB. If you were going to sell only 1 copy and they get all rights, wouldn't you just sell Hell Zombie?

You also said that you don't have a live copy and was just working off of a localhost. However, both of these games are connected to the same DB. If I am playing on ZombieAge, it updates my account on HellZombie. So, either it is not yours to sell and that isn't your site. Or, you lied to us about selling all the rights. Sometimes just smells fishy here.

~ Pete

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I said that i don't have a live copy of the English Version, if I have send you the link to HellZombie would you be able to understand the language ?

If the game is sold, I'll take down the Bulgarian Version of the game.

I understand that, however, the fact you decided to go beyond just translating it to English and actually changed the game name makes me wonder what is going on. If you were going to just translate it, you would of kept the same game name and just translated. However, you were not upfront at all from the original post on multiple of things.

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