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The Interview

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Was anyone planning on going to see that next week or planning on seeing it all? Or were you not planning on seeing but now want to because of all the controversy behind it?

Me me personally I was stoked to go and see it but doesn't look like I will be anytime soon. There was rumor that Sony was going to release it On Demand but has at this time reneged that proposal


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I'm just pretty appalled at the fact that our (as in American's) constitutional right of freedom of speech is being suppressed and we are just letting it happen by Sony not releasing the movie. I understand that movie theaters here now don't want anything to do with the movie because of the constant fear of the next movie theatre tragedy but now they are scared of releasing it to On Demand.

But this is a topic for another thread.


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There is no such thing as 'Freedom of Speech' anymore. I don't know if I would of saw it, but it is pretty funny how Sony is scared out of their wits. I am sure they are being blackmailed with more letters that they don't know want to be let out. As if, at some point, they won't be let go to the public. Truly, it doesn't phase me. Sony can do what they want.

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The hackers really didn't care about the film to start with. I'm still thinking it's another random group who are drawing the attention aware from them and pointing it at NK.

I'm probably wrong, we'll probably never know who actually did the attack.

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