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Learning PHP


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What is the best way to learn PHP? I know the basics of the language, but i have never been able to actually achieve more than that. I have had this idea for a text based game for ages now and want to start creating it, so it would be helpful if i knew more PHP :p

Much appreciated

- Connor

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I'd advise against that Kyle.

There's not enough "hands on" there to push them in the right direction.

I believe the manual is best read once you have a very basic grasp of some functions.

I'm all go playing with a foundation to build a house though :)

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I know reading books are a great way to learn something. Although I'm still learning PHP.

I agree. I learned Visual Basic from a book from a Library. PHP was fairly different from Visual Basic, so I got a book from the library and learned about PHP that was as well.

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I learnt PHP through practice. It's one of the 4 maybe 5 programming laguages I learnt without getting a book. I set myself projects tried to create them. If I hit a problem or didn't know how to do something I asked for help. I took the help that was given to me and looked over it, tried to understand it and why that was the best possible way of doing it. It led me to looking up what functions did etc. the php documentation can really be a life saver and you will learn a lot by reading through what functions do and even by looking through some of the user comments, although some of them can be confusing.

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