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Anyone used node?


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Pretty sick, incredible fast development. And if you love JavaScript you will feel at home.

I started with Node JS, then got the hang of Express JS (node.js framework) and Mongodb (JSON db awesome!).

The best of: is the code unification. Backend - frontend talk JS :).

You can build real-time applications/game (with socket.io) and many more features.

The only downside I think is the hosting. You will probably need your own server as the node hosting servers are not that configurable.

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Yea node is awesome. Perhaps even use a framework such as Koa ontop of node to streamline development.

Whilst your at it, have a go at using a NoSQL DB engine man, check out MongoDB. They are awesome. The mongo driver for Node is easily installed too: npm install mongodb

I've seen everyone here bang on about Digital Ocean. I've used http://www.webfaction.com for a while now and they are great man. Probably a similar service to DO but it's always to have multiple options.

Oh and my website wrux.me is written in Node

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