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So there are several people who know about "Splash" now.

With so much help from you guys if I didn't get any of that help I wouldn't be here now writing this Thread.

But it's time to introduce Splash to the scene around here now and i'm mostly doing this to try create more services like there once was back on this forum.

So, Milk is on it's way, yes this will be a creation by Dave and ain't we all excited! We all know how good Dave's work is so there is plenty of reason to be excited!

Back on topic of this thread, Splash will be my own Personal/Shared small tiny little company and with wider options to possibly grow bigger in the long term future.

This is going to be a rather not so cheap but not so expensive service, kind of like bang on right in the middle, our main services will be;


  1. Selling Our Own Modules
  2. Design Work
  3. Coding Services
  4. Shoutcast Hosting


Many of you know i'm more on the designing side than coding, but i'm beginning to start pulling my coding through now as you guys have helped me massively with that. Even managing to create my own modules now which is showing to myself improvement!

But right now I don't class myself 100% to be working on the coding side as I'm still learning, but we offer Coding Services as I have TWO friends of mine who will be part of the Coding services for request that I may not be able to do.

Anyhow a lot of you guys don't know what my strengths are as you haven't seen them and I can't go release Splash until you guys see that there is potential.

So as for the next 30 days, I will be giving away TWO hours free work to anyone who request it, this can be design work, coding or any work you need to develop your website further.

Alls I ask for in return is a review of my service on the collaborations section of this forum so people can start to trust the Splash service!

So be quick in requesting work as I have already began taking on other clients.

Splash Release Date: 01/07/2014

Anyhow, I'm not the best with introductions, but thanks for taking care to read this thread.




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I'd be happy to redirect code work requests if your services receives great recognition of quality codes/designs practices.

Keep us updated with your portfolio.

Looking forward.

That is fantastic, thanks for the opportunity and I will doing my best to get great recognition.


Also Pete, the "a" does not represent anything, I just thought as the logo looked better with the middle character being a different colour I would use it instead of using all green. Maybe I am going to readjust the "motto" to maybe fit that coloured character, I will go about it in the future!

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Yeah, as a heads up, when creating a logo there should be a reason behind every component. I mean shadows and border lines are okay and just texture really, but when signaling out a letter out of the word there should be a reason why. You just created a focus point so there needs to be a reason why.

The blue could signify the water involved in the splash? :confused:

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Yeah, I agree. The colors are perfect together and make sense, but would need a reason for the 'a:. Such as, they aim to provide A plus services or something a long the lines.Which thenbyoy can capitalize the 'a' as well to make it stand out. Just a rough idea, not sure how it will look to be honest.

Well I will give it more thought anyhow soon! And see what I can do with it :-) thanks for the input

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