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1st Time Desing.


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So this is my first time ever attempting to design my game, as i usually pay some one.

Heres some Screeny's if they work



[Clearly not your design]

and take a look


just wondering if you like it and what needs to be done to make it better, remmember first time dont be to harsh...

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I have asked for cron help for this site on the forum.

The login and register is a free sourced template from the internet(will get link off laptop)

The user account owner has my name as the clan tag. I can show you the ftp logs and also



Proof the hosting and URL is owned by me. Need anything else Skype screen shots to him? Maybe ?


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Well shoot!!!! I went to soft delete his post but I guess that deletes the entire thread.

Anyway, I wanted to keep this thread up and not delete it. [MENTION=67703]adamhull[/MENTION] feel free to edit your posts to add the screenshots back up since they got deleted when the thread was deleted.

I too too had an experience with this guy before and thanks for reminding me to start my collab thread ;) cheers

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hmm nice adam as 1.Code and script all mine hosting of wisecrime main site mine , and liecence holder "me" also design was joint effort sorry adam

The issue is that you said you coded the layout when clearly (and it's my fault the images got deleted) Adam is showing you the layout he was in the midst of coding up. And then it shows you giving him props on his work and asking him to change the borders or corners whichever they were. If you coded it up wouldn't you have done that instead of him?

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