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Try Ghost.

I'm running it on my blog at the moment! It's pretty awesome.

You can also deploy a droplet from DigitalOcean with 0.4.2 already installed & configured for you :)

Thanks Sniko, but you were 1 minute too late! - so i'm going to try it out now

[11:56:05] MrDJK: https://ghost.org/


DJK beat you to it =]

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I haven't touched Ghost myself but I have seen [MENTION=65371]sniko[/MENTION]'s blog and it's pretty sweet. Some hosts probably won't allow it since it runs off node.js so you would have to install that yourself most of the time.

I do like wordpress myself which has pretty much any plugin you could imagine for what you need to do. I think it's pretty SEO friendly and they have plugins for that which my personal favorite so far is from Yoast.

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I use wordpress for my personal blog because it's such a good platform.

If your looking for something a bit different, octopress is an interesting blogging platform man. You can generate the entire thing in about 5 mins and it's not database driven, pretty cool for a lightweight system.

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