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Looking to buy a game.


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I am looking to buy all of the rights and ownership of an existing Text Based game. I would prefer the core of the game to be around MCCodes - due to my vast knowledge of the engine.

The game must have a unique story line, one that will attract new players yet also retain existing players. A userbase is a must, and proof of earnings is also a must - as to the number of active players, and earnings, I don't have a set requirement, but I am looking to make a profit from the game within a year - as this will be part of my business.

I don't have a set genre of game I would like, but if it is Mafia or Thug etc, then the storyline and existing features and layout, must be far superior to the existing dull and boring ones! As for a budget, I currently have £2,000 set aside. Please remember that as I will be making this a business venture, I am looking at a timeframe of 3-6 months; not 3-6 hours.



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What kind of earnings do you expect for £2,000? How big of a userbase?

I ask because 1) a general rule is websites sell for 10x monthly revenue, and 2) it's hard to get players to text based games.

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I currently own crimecity-mafia.com and im looking to sell the game as im busy working on my social network project, my engine is more superior than mccodes and have many modifications it also has over 500 users and a active user base or been 30-60 users daily. I hav provided the url so i would advise you to look around. if you would like more info please feel free to PM me

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