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New Game coming soon


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Me and a friend are currently working on a new game we have been working on this for about 2 weeks now it's not quite finished but we have decided to release the BETA for people to test.

If you start playing now when the full version is released your profile will not be deleted...


I am terribly sorry for the home page it will be changed soon, alternatively use this link to sign up


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Soldiers warfare

We are now live with the BETA, yes there are some bugs when you notice a bug please email

[email protected]

or message Milky on the game to report this if you help us fix the code for the bug you will be rewarded

It is mainly based on army style theme you will be seeing changes to the site daily so please expect that

Login page: http://www.soldierswarfare.net/login.php

Register Page: http://www.soldierswarfare.net/register.php

Thank you guys


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But there is nothing unique about it? If I recall, you been only working on this for 2-3 weeks now? Put in more time. Nothing is that easy. If you truly want to be taken serious, work on the game a couple of months as you learn how to program, develop unique features, get a template that makes sense to the theme and not some generic style that 1,000 games have.

Everyone here are basically designers and programmers, very few of them will take the time to bug test a game, especially one that looks like it is straight out of the box.

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Ok I went ahead and merged all 3 of your threads into 1. There is really no point in having 3 threads saying your game is in beta.

now on topic:

Like Peter said, you should spend a bit more time on your game before going into a beta. Before going into beta you should


  1. Come up with a storyline
  2. Make sure your storyline matches the theme through and through.
  3. Add some unique features
  4. Test those new features to the best of your ability
  5. Launch a closed beta and give a few of the people money, crystals, etc to test the features like a player would and reset them when closed beta is done
  6. Open up for real beta (optional depending on outcome of closed beta)
  7. Then launch
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