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  1. The Coder

    I'm back

    Staff. Its my thread therefore I should be allowed to say who can post or not. Can you remove him this douche from my thread?
  2. The Coder

    I'm back

    No. I specifically told you not to comment on my thread, run along.
  3. The Coder

    I'm back

    I'm back. Feel free to post apart from Script47. Shoot.
  4. Ahahahahahahaha. Wow, you guys give me jokes. Do carry on.
  5. You're all now just jumping on a bandwagon. Jesus.
  6. Try not to take it to heart.
  7. Because you coded it. I'd prefer it from someone more experienced etc.
  8. If theres a dislike feature, and people of the community can use, why shouldn't we?
  9. I'm not interested, personally.
  10. I'm quite impressed with my red bars. Unique.
  11. I only wanted the question the in OP to be posted.....
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