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Well I have no clue were to add my latest game I have coming out.

Hopefully you guys know a few sites.


Also if you guys don't mind adding the price for the ads space and memberships please put it beside the name of the site.

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Any free ones to add to the list?

I doubt you're going to find a good service for free...

Free advertising exists?

Most of us call it spam... or you can use a facebook app and have people post every little game achivement :p

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I plan on taking a break and trying to develop a top list site and I'm aware its not an advertising site per se' but ehhh whatever. I will have different add slots for rent with different sizes like leaderboard, tall, etc with hopefully competitive rates. Accounts, and game listings will be free so no startup costs out of your pocket and I hopefully plan on doing some game reviews to post for a relatively small fee. And while I'm here talking about it I may be looking for a little bit of help but ill post accordingly in the right spot and with the correct template ;)

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I myself am pretty weary about ad sites, sure you get a lot of hits but that's basically it I think a lot of those are robots that scan your reg page and do a false signup eating away at your credits so you think its working when its not so you add more money to your account or maybe its just me being a conspiracy theorist :p

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BBGToplist is a brand new Browser Games toplist. Im inviting you to come join my new toplist, and check out the wide range of features, and tools that most other toplist do not have. BBGToplist is more than just a list of games. You can view a wide range of information about games such as weekly stats, reviews, and more.

Once you signed up and added the vote code in your game send us a email to "[email protected]" with your 468x60 advertising banner and URL to where you want it linked and we will hook you up with 1 month free advertising on all the 468x60 advertising spots on the Toplist.

Signing up to BBGToplist now, is the perfect way to promote your game to people who actually want to play browser games.

Add your game now @ http://www.bbgtoplist.com



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