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I didn't login that often, but I think there still might be a small MCC market for the right mod. For his particular mods I have no idea. His forums modification was popular, but then it could simply be the fact it was free. His donator mod was the most popular modification (sold at $10), but that was some time ago.

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Ok... I have question to all you guys...

Is there really a demand for the mods he had listed?

Since at one point, I was an ass and decided to make my own versions of his mods (What was listed then - so not all of them)...

I could, if there is a market, re-write most of them (quite old code that I wouldn't be happy to release right now)

That something that people would be interested in?


I know I for one would be interested if you re wrote some of his mods. I was very tempted to buy a few before but with Cronus not being active I didn't want to purchase in case of errors etc

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