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What does this mean?


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For the record the $ir variable doesn't make any sense. Yes, I'm talking about the name of it.

I think it makes sense if you make something out of it like "i" (as in myself) "r" (as in result) since the devs of mc use $r for pretty much everything else :p

But to make my last post a little more clear just incase it didnt really sink in, for example im user id 2 and your user id 1 I can only see the information being passed as an ir var for user id 2 and you cant see what "ir" for user id 2 only user id 1 ir vars

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It's an array of data?

It's something like this (I assume.)

$run = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM user WHERE id = '".$_SESSION['id']."'");
$ir = mysql_fetch_array($run);


Outside of mccodes this wouldn't have any meaning.

Unless you had a table called `users`, with the column `id`, and a session with the index `id` ;)

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