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I had some spare time, which is quite rare, and I always like to extend my portfolio. I looked into New Worlds Engine (KyleMassacre's new love :p) and as I've recently been working with Bootstrap, I thought I'd integrate bootstrap into it.

Although my attempt isn't complete, and I've still some integration to finish.

Here's a little preview


Let me know what you think


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Moved the criticisms of NWE to a separate thread.

Nice work Sniko, let me ask you: Did you take a different approach to integrating it than that of 'Someone'? Also how are you liking Bootstrap?

I did take a different approach than 'Someone'. He's (from what I can tell, at a quick glance) made his version so you have to edit each modules content.php file, I've created a whole new theme, and 'adapted' the bootstrap css class and id elements to 'flow' with the already NWE. I am loving Bootstrap, it's like my new love :p

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