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Special 1 year anniversary price


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To celebrate it's first year NWE will be offerd for a full week from 18th March to 22th March at the price of 70$ instead of the usual 100$. Not only, for whoever is interested, I will offer 5 free dev licenses to the first 5 which requests during that week a dev license.

So prepare yourself for the first NWE anniversary, and in the mean time I would like to take the occasion to thanks all those which in some way participated to this adventure and the community which is building upon this engine, as I really enjoy both the collaboration mood we have and the huge progress the project did. Hopefully we will continue to see it growing together!

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I don't have exact plans. I will (as I did so far) follow what are my customer wishes ;)

Of course I will try to improve the quality of the tools included and yet add more modules but the priority will be to follow what the community need.

I Think you have done great with the engine. But the community needs to step it up a bit and try to make some more modules lol. I have a few in the works but I just gotta tweak somethings around to get it past the firewall haha. but all in all job well done Alain

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Thanks. It was clear from the beginning that it will be hard to shift a bit the mood of the community and show that something else can be done instead of the old McCodes. Many still don't want to even look or understand how NWE is different. It was also clear that unless NWE would offer many modules and features people would not jump on the boat, that's why I invested so much time to implement all those small things you find in the full version ;)

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Congrats a_bertrand!

I downloaded the free version to check the features and must say it is much better than other text based engines, I like the module system, seems cool and easy to develop modules.

Might have to request a developers license, need to get myself back into PHP coding XD

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