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Why I like MWE


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And why you should at least look at them all.

I have choosen NWE ...

why because?

1) the moderator/owner is like an animal with his system ... like me.

2) the system is modular

3) the system is active

4) well because I can develope in it

Nothing more. Just that.

So I would rather deal in a system with 800 posts vs 80,000 posts, well, because it makes me happy.

Be healthy, wealthy and wise. (Convert while you can ;))


G ----

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I think NWE is great. I just have no idea what to do haha. I chose MC because for me Its much easier for me to develop with probably because my skill level is relatively low and I get lost really easily when I comes to a more structured based code. But I honor your input and opinion and would love nothing more than this engine soaring especially with such a dedicated creator of the source.

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Seriously though, I understand where you come from. I too have had problems understanding hooks etc.

But NWE makes it really easy once you get just a bit into it. Much depends on what IDE you are using. I use Eclipse with PDT http://www.eclipse.org/projects/project.php?id=tools.pdt

When I am wondering about what some thing does, I can just right click the variable or function, select "show declaration" and the file pops up

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I would say it's nearly mandatory to use an IDE. Notepad or notepad++ simply do not cut it ;)

Just as info, the first time illusions checked NWE code he thought it was utterly complex, and after a bit of checking he changed his mind. Ask him now his feeling ;)

For me it's matter of leaving the McCodes code style paradigm and see how things could be made in NWE.

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Even Dreamweaver comes to short when it comes to PHP, especially when it comes to modular stuff. Might have changed in later versions, but doubt it.

If you do give it a try, same goes all who try it who considers using the engine. I will do my best to help you with any issue. I have the forum up on one of my monitors, and at the computer 12 hours on lazy days.

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Sublime Text seems more of a coder editor (a good one) than an IDE to me.

It's not an IDE, though it's responsive enough as a quick on-the-go style editor, which is mainly all I need at the moment.

Anything more, I've got Eclipse and VSe (both previously mentioned) :)

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