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Perhaps I'm late, but I just discovered this awesome framework called Bootstrap, it simplifies and makes web development much faster and powerful. Have you used it? What do you think about it?

Personally, I'll try it out on my up coming project, I built a simple and nice template within minutes.

Discuss Bootstrap

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JQuery and extensive use of javascript _can_ slow things down. Bootstrap is mostly about CSS. I have to modify/custom write any module I am gonna use anyway, changing a few classes don't take that long, and dont slow the server scripts down. TemplateTableHeader and TemplateLinkButton takes care of most of the changes. I am however looking into using LESS so I don't commit to one framework.


Total load times, rendering in browser, on a localhost, with dropdown menu, home page in game

Bootstrap theme, with custom <ul><li> generated dropdown menu, xp bar (.progressbar), a few buttons (a links with .btn)

Measured with Firebug in Firefox

Total load times

281ms (onload: 499ms)

280ms (onload: 476ms)

281ms (onload: 493ms)


63ms (onload: 493ms)

187ms (onload: 651ms)

63ms (onload: 471ms)

Server side

Full engine time: 103 ms 98ms 111ms


Medival full menu theme


811ms (onload: 6.04s)

796ms (onload: 838ms

764ms (onload: 773ms)


47ms (onload: 841ms)

46ms (onload: 794ms)

63ms (onload: 799ms)

Server side

Full engine time: 100 ms 103ms 120ms

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Experimenting with making a template for NWE with it. Takes a bit of changes to the core to get it working. But once in place I think it can make for rapid development.

Will you be sharing your edits, once you're happy with it?

-Somewhat interested in what you come up with. :)

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