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West Mafia Engine


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Check the game out here

This game is coded from scratch using PDO and Mysql.

I will be making this into a easy to use Game Engine.

I was going to use Twig, but i decided to not use a Template Engine, as i could do almost the same thing i needed with just php.

Let me know any features u think i should change or add to the game.

I will work on graphics when the coding is complete.

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From what you describe it's hardly an MVC... But whatever...

- Register => and you need to login? Why not login directly after registration?

- Login => succes, click to continue? Sorry makes no sense

- Multiple XSS vulnerabilities...

- No tutorial... ok too bad

- Captcha "click on the gun" fun but totally unsafe for a bot, why? odd enough your images are button and the gun has a name "valid"... hard to make a bot see it, isn't it?

Honestly, from what I see, it's yet another bunch of "features" which are all extremely limited... You can hardly call it an engine. I see basically no real concept, nothing new, nothing fun... seems a pale copy of so many "mafia" games.

For those willing to test:

Username: demo12

Password: demo12

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As I told you in chat, currently it seems like a reworked Mafia game. Nothing special, but nothing which really attracts either. If you want to make an engine for the others to develop on, you have to provide a good infrastructure and show how your system is any better of the current / concurrent engines.

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Yah this is just a Deveolpment test, its running off my pc, when i turn my pc off the game does down. it should be up now.

If someone DDoS'd you, then your bandwidth would increase over your ISP limit, and you'd you have to pay the costs. A somewhat ineffective way to show development.

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