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Selling uRPG.net


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Starting BID $50.00

Bid Increments $5.00

BIN: $1,000

I have an awesome 4 letter domain name here which could be used for many various different things here. Could be used for a browser based RPG. A rpg forum. A RPG ezine site or role playing forum sites.

Start the bidding. I'll end auction when I find a price I am satisfied with a price I find fit. This domain is posted on several other sites. Will post updates as biding takes off.

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99c and a tube of smarties DJK thats my best offer (smarties have the orange ones removed :P)

-DJK(REPLY): Without the orange ones, NO DEAL Noel.

-RoZ(REPLY): I left in the natural blue ones as I know what your like and get hyper on the orange ones!! Ill up my offer to include a few slightly licked orange ones.

-DJK(REPLY): Damn you drive a hard bargain, transfer initiated.

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Haha, kids on this forums give me jokes, come on dude you serious...$1,000 for that ****.net domain?

for $1,000 i can buy a steady site, with good income on ads etc.., or even use that money to start my own and pay for better features and stuff..

You obviously haven't heard of goldrush domains then, or perhaps even the sale of se><.com, which sold for a reported $13million. There is a business for selling domains for a high price, but as the market is flooded, it's quite tricky, although achievable.

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It will worth more as soon as it gets some good reputation, something that was already running good on the domain or if it gets searched for (alot)..

And obviously se><.com would cost alot-.-" thats like the first word ppl search for when they are looking for such websites. There are still alot 4letter domain names available, 3letter domain names are almost all taken.. if you had rpg.net or .com would even be better then maybe you would have been offered a shitload of money by some rich company.

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