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[CookieGaming] Looking For Another Member To Our Team.


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Hey there, as a representative of CookieGaming I am here to tell you that we are looking for another member to join our gaming network team.

The Current CG Team:

The current CG team includes two people. They are:

Razor42 (Myself)

John (Splotch)

Who Are These Members?:


Razor42(Myself) is learning coder and graphics designer with skills in PHP,MySQL,HTML,CSS,JavaScript & PhotoShop. I am currently undertaking 1-1 tuition lessons to help advance my coding in order to improve on where I am at.

John (Splotch):

John who isn't known a great deal in this forum is an amazing coder with great skills. Here in his words who he is and what he does. http://makewebgames.io/showthread.php/42243-Hi-everyone!

What These Members Do?:


-Team Manager.

-Basic Coder.

-Basic Graphics Designer.

-Creative Mind.

-Content Writer.


-Head Coder.

Whats CookieGaming:

CookieGaming is a gaming network thats dedicated to providing amazing entertainment in the form of browser based and also android, Iphone etc App games. We currently have a few projects undergoing which more details will be posted soon and an engine which is coming along nicely and at a fast rate which will also be posted about in a month or two.

What We Are Looking For?:

-A Graphics Designer OR Coder.

-A loyal, long term partner to the team.

-Someone avalible and willing to put a reasonable amount of hours into the team.

If you are a Graphics Designer the requirements are:

-A good portfolio in which we can see your work.

-Experienced with Photoshop.

-The ability to code your layouts.

-Be able to create advertisment banners and layouts for all different styles of websites.

If you have experience with Illustrator and the ability to make items, mascots etc. Then this is a deffinate booster and will increase our interest in you joining much more.

If your are a Coder the requirements are:

-A good portfolio in which we can see your work.

-The ability to use HTML,CSS,MySQL,PHP & JavaScript.

-Be able to provide good exam[ples of raw coding in which we can see your work.

Our Websites:

Currently our only website up is http://www.cookiegaming.com and it is not yet fully finished but we do have a few private projects under construction which will be up on sites once they are well into production.

What You Recieve As Part Of Our Team?:

As part of you will recieve a percentage of the profits from all of CG's websites and projects. Although at the moment we are not making any money, I'm sure we will be soon. Also you'll recieve free advertising for any of your personal sites on CG's sites once they are up.

Hopefully we will get some keen intrest in the post, if you have any questions or are interested in the position then PM me or post below.



CG Representative.

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For a successful business of any type, whether it's running a website or a lemonade stand, you need a plan. You need to have your future as mapped out as possible. Find out what you expect to spend, and what you expect to earn.

Without thinking ahead, this "project" will not last long. This is all even more true on the internet when hundreds of websites pop up a day. If you have no strategy to make sure people go to yours instead of someone else's, you're floating without a paddle.

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We have plans and we are in talks with potential investors to cover all costs in the near future, although we won't have many as we have at the moment pretty much everything we need for our upcoming projects. I am not going to openly discuss plans etc with the forum, if some who may be interterested wants to know more about what were doing then please PM me or contact me via MSN or Skype which you will find my details for on my profile page.

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