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Secure sessions against XSS


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So, I was browsing YouTube, and I came across this guy and this

- which he could explain better than me, but in a nutshell, here's the information;


A malicious/naughty naughty person can 'extract' your session/cookie data using XSS through a query string, and 'use' it. (He explains it well in the video)
Anyway, he explains that a session/cookie not having
set to FALSE can be extracted using javascript, but if
is set to TRUE, the sessions/cookies can not be 'executed/manipulated/-whathaveyou-' through javascript - or it's hard to.
He uses a very good example in the
, extracting a cookie that holds his personal information, and shows that a cookie with
= TRUE was not extracted - quite a nifty, yet overlooked, hack/trick.


So how do I set httponly to TRUE?

session_set_cookie_params - php manual.

I encourage you to watch his

as it's really informative.

- Stay safe;


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But what if you want to manipulate the cookies client side within javascript?

Still seems rather helpful if I'm honest though, good share.

Ah yes, I forgot to mention that. Good thought.

You won't be able to, so I assume you'd have to compensate, or send the cookie value encrypted; even then it's not totally secure.

(I expect you knew the answer anyway, but wanted to raise the question for others)

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