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Want to Buy A Game


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I am old here . We have already a licence of the mccodes ( the full license ) but we want a company or a person to create us a game

with great graphics and secure everything.

In our old game was great we had a good income but hackers destroyed the game,

So we closed it.

We want a secure game with great graphics and we want the person / company to have a long term partnership for updates that we wish to create for us.

We are waiting for your offers through email or pm

Please give us also your project plan and your portofolio

Thanx a lot

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Hi Eurogangster,

It's a disappointment to know that the game was shut down due to hackers. All MCCode engines are secured and hackfree till date so don't hesitate to rebuild your game. Nevertheless, the MWG community are here to give you good pointers.

I have also PM'd you with a few offer pointers to aid your game development.

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The coding of the mccodes i had was very insecure.

Sql injections was the way !!! or that the scripts doesnt have ifs that check if a person add input value negative .


We leave the budget open that doesnt mean we want to give a lot of money.

Also we pay after the completition and test of the game.

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Even if I understand why you would like to pay after completion and test of the game, for a developer it could mean never. Usually as outsourcing work, you should pay either per hour (which in your case is not a good option) or per mile stones. Which means, you define with the help of the developer different milestones which need to be reached (also with a deadline for each normally) and for each of them there is a partial payment.

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That's why you work by milestones. Milestones defines what need to be delivered at what time. And you pay when the "package" is delivered. But instead of paying all in block at the end where one of the 2 side could loose all (time or money), milestones makes the lost smaller in case something goes wrong.

For you, in case you didn't got what you wanted you simply don't pay for that milestone, and what can happen is that you payed 6 over 10 milestones so you must find a new developer for the missing 4. See? Everyone is winner like that.

Pay on completion on the whole project usually works only for big companies which could also trigger lawyers in case something goes wrong.

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Yeah I doubt anyone will put their time and effort in on the belief that they will get paid afterwards.

A contract would be useless unless you was both in the same country. Legal expenses for overseas court battles are generally too high.

I would take on board what Alain has mentioned and pay for what you get on a milestone basis.

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Its hard to give a quote. You should be providing the project plan for us to give the quote. I can quote 1,000$ for a mc-code style while another guy quotes 10,000$ for something 10x bette then a mc-code style game. ;) get the drift?

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