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Selling login/register £7.50


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I'm selling a login/register i have made* a screen shoot can be found below.


It is codded with HTML/CSS and uses the JQuery library to switch between the register and game description, there is no live example for obvious reasons.

You are NOT buying the unique rights to this template i may sell one or one hundred there is no limit (hence the cheap price) you can only use this on one domain and you cant give it to someone else without informing me of the change of domain, and if you are using it in a test environment/localhost you will be given an option to give a URL at a later date when and if you go live.

Price is: £7.50 GBP payable via paypal my email is [email protected]

any questions just ask.

PS this is not coded to any engine nor do i offer the service to do so but im sure there are coders out there willing to do so!

* Mascots were not made by me and are free to download somewhere on makewebgames.io you are buying the time spent putting the template together and slicing/coding it

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Do you say that about every template you see for sale on the web, I'm selling a simple HTML/CSS template with a little bit of jQuery what's the problem? You don't like it not my problem!

It's there for the people who can't afford to buy a £200 template And just want a simple clean template to use until they can afford one

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