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This lets your users register and login with the simple click of a facebook button, using Facebook Connect.

Users no longer need to login with a username/password combination, they can simply hit the facebook Login button on your login page and enter!

Registration is also just as easy, and you are guaranteed to have a validated email through this route since facebook validates all email addresses.

If you already have users, there is a page included that your users can use to connect their fb accounts.

When they do, their verified facebook email will replace their current email stored in the DB.

Please note that this is not compatible with Internet Explorer. Users will not even be able to see the login button if they are using IE.

This mod adds 1 field to the users table.





The cost for this mod is: $10

Click here to purchase this mod and download instantly.

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Within the next week or so I will be updating this allowing current users to connect their mccode accounts to their facebook so they can login that way also.

Needed to start studying for an exam so I released it without for now, but rest assured it will be coming.

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Hmm... well even though IE sucks, it is still one of the top used browsers. That is a lot of potential players being directed away from your site for people with this mod.

Maybe look into making it compatible ?...at least with the newer versions of IE. If they have IE 5.0 then that is a personal problem...lol

Anyway great mod :)

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For some reason ie draws a blank page(fbregister.php) with no errors, and on login.php it wont show the login button either, so until i find a fix it will have to remain without ie.

Works with chrome/mozilla/safari, just not ie. It works on the inside on fbconnect.php, but not on fbregister.php or login.php at al with ie.

However, I have updated this now and your old users can now connect their fb accounts, and when they do, their verified facebook email address will replace their current email.

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Can the user choose not to use their Facebook email for the game?

Who's not to say for example, i sign up on your game with a specific email address just for games and facebook for my actual email. And then my email account get's on the game. From a players point of view. They will not like it.

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That's true, but is really not my call. If a game owner feels this way, all it takes is the removal of 1 query.

However, users can see the email listed on the form when they connect so they can choose not to connect because of that if they wish.

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Quick Bug Fix!

Find on authenticate.php:

$uq=$db->query("SELECT userid FROM users WHERE facebookid=$uid");

Replace with:

$uq=$db->query("SELECT userid FROM users WHERE facebookid=$uid && $uid>0");

Sorry about that everyone, the files have been updated accordingly.

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hello, i installed the mod and i`m getting this error when i`m trying to login with facebook

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/user/public_html/authenticate.php:52) in /home/user/public_html/authenticate.php on line 74

my line 52 is </script>";

and line 74 is header('Location: loggedin.php');

any idea how can i fix it? :) thanks

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yea but it`s inside print syntax

print"<div id='fb-root'></div>
<script src='http://connect.facebook.net/en_US/all.js'></script>
appId  : 'appID',
status : true, // check login status
cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access the session
xfbml  : true  // parse XFBML
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File a support ticket, I do not offer support via the sales thread, or MWG. :)

The script you have posted here has nothing to do with the error you are getting.

However we are on msn now so... yeah

Edited by Cronus
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  • 3 years later...
Is there anyway too purchase this? Or be pointed in the right direction?

You can still purchase this from the McCodes marketplace. However I'm pretty certain Cronus won't be providing any support, as he's been offline for a long while.


I'd advise commissioning some bespoke work from a trusted developer if you want something robust and secure.

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