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Crafting System [$25]


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Brief Description

This crafting system allows your users to craft items by using other items. It allows ease of functionality to the staff, who add the process of crafting, and allows these constraints to be put into place;

- Minimum level

- Money needed

- Crystals needed

- Minimum days old

- Course to be completed (Ver 1.1 - You can choose to not have a course to complete)

- Location specific, or all locations (Ver 1.1)

- Need to be donator?

The system allows you to have a maximum of 5 items to craft the 1 item, and a minimum of 1 item to craft the 1 item. (See screen-shots or demo below)

The system shows the user what they need to do/have before they can craft a specific item - all set by staff. (See screen-shots or demo below)

Try, before you buy

Demo - www.mcc.sniko.net

Screenshots - www.imgur.com/a/Mg0LH/embed (Gallery)


+ No columns in the `users` table

+ Secure

+ Easy to use

+ Documentation/Instructions


! PayPal only

The cost of this system is (USD)$25 and payments will only be accepted through PayPal.

Please send $25 USD to my PayPal, and in the comments, please specify the e-mail address you would like it sent to, and your sites URL.



Once purchased, your license only exists on the URL you specified in the PayPal comment transaction.


If you're using the demo, you are welcome to add courses/crafts and test to your content.

Thank you for your time.

- sniko

Edited by sniko
Added Version 1.1 Details - Purple Text
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Was this ment to be happening?;

Craft process created!QUERY ERROR: Table 'sniko_mccodes.stafflog' doesn't exist

Query was INSERT INTO stafflog VALUES(NULL, 1, unix_timestamp(), 'Added a crafting process for Hammer!', '')

I installed the main files of mccodes for testing, and forgot to upload 'sglobals.php', that's all. It'll be corrected as I get home

@Replies; Thanks for the kind replies

@CavellA; Although I agree people need to know about scammers, you can't say it, without evidence.

@Bio; Good News! Thank you

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@Danny696 - I hope you're not trying to imply anything here. Can you PM me a link to your version?

[On screen query bug has been fixed]

@Dominion - Thanks for linking to the collaboration board

No sniko, I'm not implying anything, was just epressing my opinion, of which I don't believe has yet been 100% banned from here.

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Future patches are in the making...

"+ Multiple items, multiple combination, doesn't work" - What do you mean /:

Say I create a "item build" for Item 1, consisting of 1xA + 2xB

Then, I create a "item build" Item 1, consisting of 2xC

When you try to create using second method, it's invalid, meaning it only accept method 1 to create item 1.

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Have to say I am pretty happy with this mod, and cant wait for the updates that allow you to choose how many of what item it takes to craft something. Without this, the 5 item limit is somewhat daunting. However, I am happy that I can edit the quantity via the SQL table and everything works flawlessly. Perhaps you might include a remove craft feature to this mod with the update?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi guys,

When my time frees up a little, with college, I will be doing a patch for this system. It will be free for customers who have bought the system prior to the patch, and included free for potential clients.

+ Able to choose the quantity for each item that is needed, without doing it manually.

+ Able to edit a crafting procedure.

+ System settings.

+ Able to choose multiple courses.

+ User interface update.

Thank you for your interest and time

-sniko (creator)

Edited by sniko
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