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Worried about recent exploits?


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I'm curious as to how it helps? Unless you can tell me what this system detected? Seeing "Possible exploit detected" with no further information doesnt help much :P

If the publicly available system would say which exploits can be used on what domain ... it would be an open way to check every site and harm them (naughty users). Octarine does have a log for each domain that's tested. I'm quite sure he'll shed some lights on that at some point. I do believe the main goal of the system is to provide an easy way for game owners to check whether their game is open to known exploits.


Answered already right up there ^

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@lucky3809: currently it only works for mcc versions. I can't tell what the future will bring though. Drop enough pocket change in octarines beer fund and who knows

@BioHazard: read the previous pages, it's explained why no exploits are given... it would be too easy for naughty users to perform the exploits ;)

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Ah Dominion, if only that were true; life would be so much easier;

Try it on your own site; several times if necessary; Try and analyse what it is

doing; and more importantly; why. Once you can answer at which I've no

doubt you can, you should see the light at the end of the tunnel - Clue:

it's a train bringing moar work! ;) BTW leave it a few second or two

between attempts; there's a good reason.

Trying it on my own site would mean setting up an install of mccodes. A fresh install would clearly be open to the attacks.

In any case it's a nice tool for people to use. :)

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