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An update - remember me?


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A tip of my hat to the MWG community (and to the old CE community),

Wanted to leave a few updates as to what I've been up to since you last saw me.

First, pretty much all my mods for McCodes are open source.



Also, a while back I compiled a quick list of McCode vulnerabilities I'd noted in my research. Likely they are all old news and have been patched, I've heard good things about how McCode's creators have stepped up to the plate and started patching their work.


Finally, I got involved in a project called Social Paste involving wxPython and PHP.

Quick video:

For those not interested in watching the video, in essence what we've created is a way to copy/paste between computers, utilizing social networks to send 'pastes' to friends.

The program adds a few new shortcuts to your computer, Social Copy (ctrl+shift+c) and Social Paste (ctrl+shift+v) being the main two.

Reason I bring it up is that we're releasing the wxPython code open source. I know most of you guys are PHP developers, but I encourage you to take a look at it when we release it. We'll be fully opening up the API as well, and there is some nice money people could make by converting the wxPython to work on a Mac, or by writing mobile applications for it (which you could write in PHP and wrap with PhoneGap into a native app and sell in the app store).

We also have a kickstarter campaign going for it, which you can take a look at:

Anyway, I'll definitely be coming back and letting you know when we release it open source. Any questions, feel free to post in this thread (for a slow response) or shoot me an email - [email protected] - (for a faster response).

Take care all, and happy PHP coding ;)


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I've heard good things about how McCode's creators have stepped up to the plate and started patching their work.

Firstly, welcome back seany. Secondly, that quote is wrong. Very wrong. They paid paul to make something, he did it a really complicated way, and failed in some parts. So mcc were bashed more, sure, its a start, but they just wanted more money. Lastly, that projects looks quite good I'll try and take a look when its out, if you would be as nice enough to post when its done.

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