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  1. A tip of my hat to the MWG community (and to the old CE community), Wanted to leave a few updates as to what I've been up to since you last saw me. First, pretty much all my mods for McCodes are open source. http://teachthe.net/?page_id=1263 http://teachthe.net/?page_id=190 Also, a while back I compiled a quick list of McCode vulnerabilities I'd noted in my research. Likely they are all old news and have been patched, I've heard good things about how McCode's creators have stepped up to the plate and started patching their work. http://teachthe.net/?cat=59 Finally, I got invo
  2. Just a little update on this multiplayer system. We're doing a special deal for the next 10 days where if you buy the seven game package, you will get a new bonus game thrown in for free. The bonus game is Stratego, a classic ctf-war game. Read more about the deal at the link below: [mp]227[/mp]
  3. Hey Paddy, A lot of the code was revamped, including the entire draw_board function. I unfortunately didn't keep a list of the things changed, so it's not possible to run through and tell you what lines are changed. I think the only files we didn't make alterations to were ttt_config, sb_chat, and sb_header. One of these programs may help you though: http://www.thefreecountry.com/programming/filecomparison.shtml Again, sorry - in hindsight I should have documented the changes. -Seanybob
  4. Mod Updated! For those of you who have it installed, re-download it from the first post. Ignore the instructions - all you need to do to update your version on your servers is to re-upload all the files (no sql changes were made). All the bug fixes sent to us via PM/this thread have been fixed. (If we overlooked one, feel free to point it out to us!) Some of these fixes applied for the other games as well, so those of you who have purchased the games will receive an email to your inbox shortly with the patch files. Thanks all ;)
  5. Currently, we are mostly focusing on two-player games. Monopoly/Snakes & Ladders is usually about 4 players... The main issue with doing those games is that they add a whole new level of complexity to the code. To do them properly would take a month, instead of just a couple days like the other 2 player games. Because of this, it wouldn't make sense - since the McCode community is used to buying cheap mods, I sincerely doubt whether I could sell Monopoly or Snakes/Ladders for more than 30 bucks, and it would suck up a month of my time. If ten people bought it, that would be $300, for ~30
  6. Interesting error - We managed to duplicate it. It existed when someone left and a new person joined within the <5 second period before the player who stayed's page refreshed and checked to see if a person left. An update will be pushed out shortly.
  7. Hehe, thanks mate. And... I'm not much of a graphics guy (as many people can attest to). Looks good.
  8. 5 seconds is what we decided was optimal. Playing with 2 players, when each player usually takes about 10-15 seconds per move, an extra 1-5 seconds of lag won't be noticed. We could have put 5 times the strain on the server and lowered it to 1 second always, or put twice as much strain on the server and made it 2.5 seconds max, but 5 seconds seemed just fine to us. If you have a high-end server and no bandwith concerns, feel free to up it to 3 seconds per refresh. I wouldn't recommend 1 (the benefit vs. cost isn't worth it there).
  9. Hehe :P You're really intent on getting that Hall of Fame working for Tic-Tac-Toe. I'd have to recode portions of Tic-Tac-Toe to make it fully compatible with the hall of fame... and... I really don't want to. I'll toss the idea to my partner though, see if he wants to do it. I just hate the idea of making a hall of fame for a "solved" game like Tic-Tac-Toe that people can ensure they always win or tie on.
  10. Paddy is completely correct. The hall of fame is only functional for the other paid games, not this free game. As for the surrender option - the person auto-loses if the game has started and they leave the table (which I guess is what you're looking for?). For those who really like this mod, you should totally be checking out the other games - they are, quite simply, a lot better. I'm always willing to haggle a little on price.
  11. This mod was not made for version 1, that's why. You must have converted it wrong. It'd be fairly difficult to convert mate - I honestly wouldn't bother. You'd have to go through every file and restructure the queries, you'd have to change the global variables in all the functions from $db to $c, you'd have to change the headers in the files from the mcv2 to mcv1, and that's just what I remember off the top of my head. There's a reason I didn't make a v1 version of this mate. I do wish you the best of luck though if you continue trying to convert it, but I really want no part in that - s
  12. Also, just a note, we've cut the prices in half for the paid games. Check out the new listing below:   [mp]198[/mp]
  13. Yes, of course. However, we choose not to. It's useful having the framework in separate files, so to create a new game we just have to create 3 new files. Oh, and the config file could be jammed into another file. The func file doesn't really have to be separate from the play file. Etc, etc. However, it seems much more readable and easier to navigate that way (as well as making more logical sense in my mind), so that is the way we'll keep it.
  14. There was a minor ascetic bug in this mod (as a result of an overzealous copy and paste session). It could not be exploited. The files above have been updated, so if you download the files after this post, it will already be fixed. If you downloaded the files before this post, to fix: 1) Open up ttt_play.php 2) Find $db->query("INSERT INTO man_chat (man_room, timestamp, txt) VALUES($roomid, unix_timestamp(), '$txt')"); 3) Replace with $db->query("INSERT INTO ttt_chat (ttt_room, timestamp, txt) VALUES($roomid, unix_timestamp(), '$txt')"); Sorry about that. ;)
  15. A partner and I have just finished coding several multiplayer games using a framework we developed. To highlight our new products, we specifically created a Tic-Tac-Toe mod using that framework that we are releasing for free to the McCode community. Screenshot: Download: Tic-Tac-Toe.zip Demo: Demo Site *Note - You'll need two people (or two browsers logged into two different accounts) to experience much in the demo. Our other, paid products: Multiplayer Mancala Multiplayer Connect 4 Multiplayer Backgammon Multiplayer Battleship Multiplayer Othello Multiplayer
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