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ive been working over a few months now and have finaly worked out how to intergrate games into facebook applications

i am now selling my services to do this ,

i can

- intergrate it into facebook so people can play , register and join via facebook

- set it sooo all features work and look good within facebook

- add extra features to your site to make it work better within the application

- get advertising via radio / online games to promote your game

soo if you would like a application made

please add me on msn ( [email protected] )

and we will discuss priceing , depending on project time / level

Kind Regards



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On a personal note about your pitch, I feel using correct grammar/spelling (5 spelling mistakes that I saw) would make you seem more accessible to the game owners you will need too hand over there code for you to work with. It makes you come across as a whole lot more professional.

But good luck with your opportunity

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FB integration is actually not difficult at all

main focus is in my opinion the canvas width, 758px. (yea they say 760px)

So it's often more work on re-templating than integrating a site into FB

stupid app I've made for the Zynga game Empires & Allies, http://apps.facebook.com/ea-gifts-requester/

Note, that example uses the most simple integration there is.

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