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Can you Design game layouts but not code them ?


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Well I coded a Layout from scratch for MyGunWars from an image he provided of the layout he wanted. (did a decent job i believe) It was my first template that I coded from scratch so I was eager to show it off...

One very major mistake I made was not protecting my CSS folder and someone stole the css (LEARNED A VALUABLE LESSON)

That layout was going to be part of my portfolio but I removed it. I made it for free for MyGunWars to test my skills. That layout is compatible in all 4 major browsers.


Portfolio? valid markup??

The reason why I am asking is due to both your sites being done by BT. I dont know if they do all the coding for it or just the design?

Your correct....if I could do then what I can do now i would have saved a about 200$ from both the layouts...lol..they did do the design and html/css


Also what kinda percent of the profit would you want? Or would you do it on a set price for each template. Providing more details would be helpful.

As im new to the business im not sure how pricing would be ?..it would need to be fair for both of us :)


Thanks for the Questions guys :)

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I want to start by saying I do not own the images to the layout...I was given an image and sliced it up to create the layout.

This layout Design and code belongs to : MyGunWars

I did this layout free of charge and just wanted to test my ability.




Layout Image I Recieved:



Criticism is more than welcome...as this is the first template i can only get better :)

Thanks everyone,


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Too huge in my opinion.. Good work but too huge... A player will get bored of needing to scroll over, take off 50px from the main table... And also if you haven't tested it IE 6 its not compatible with and most players use that browser... you can google what is used most, and what display resolution, it will help improve your layouts..

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Ah thanks for that tip lucky3809 i have IE 7 and everything seems good...guess i could downgrade to 6 to test :)

Also I understand what you mean about the side bar and zooming im searching google for help :)

I working to expand my portfolio..

Tips are much appreciated.

Thanks Everyone,


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dont need to downgrade lol.. there is a test online where you can test all browsers by entering your url to it..

For ie you can test it here http://ipinfo.info/netrenderer/index.php note its a screenshot what it looks like in the browser you pick for testing... There are more websites that offer all browsers just have to google it.. "test css in all browsers online"

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