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Need part-time on demand coder for site

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Hey there all,

Working on putting together a game site, i've been developing games for 10+ years and know programming pretty well, PHP does give me fits on occasion though, so if there's anyone who wants to help out on occasion with bits of coding and small projects, I'd be willing to pay the person for their time.

Experience: You should know McCodes v2 quite well, and know PHP/HTML reasonably well too. Being fairly available and prompt helps as well. I can pay with PayPal, rates you can set according to help needed. I use MSN messenger for communication.

EMail: [email protected]



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I'd suggest being more specific with your search, or you might just lure people you wouldn't want.

NDA requirements, max amount you're willing to pay, programming experience required(detailed list), timezone/location, additional software used and estimated time to completion - are all things you could include.

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I am decent (well, compared to most of the 2-bit coders out there) but not in the league of you, peter and the other mod-makers (I will get more into PHP after my IT BTEC Course. Learning Binary and Machine coding atm - well, 1 unit out of the 3 that I have left from the 9 total [and that is more then enough work xD ] )

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like your login should have added a hover effect of those lights lol.

Also it sucks you cant use gmail to register... I'm not about to create a yahoo one to check it out...

Got the same error message as realmoflegends, and have never signed up or been to the game. Unless you put it that way for the time being...

Demo account dont work either because you fed it. lol.

Edited by lucky3809
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Hey lucky,

I am the coder for the site, not the owner lol

I'll take a look at the registration because I didn't realise there was an issue with it until now.

The demo account shouldn't be fedjailed though, I'll check the staff logs about that...


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