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Ninja Killaz


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Not secure.

Upon login you get

Warning: mysql_result() [function.mysql-result]: Unable to jump to row 0 on MySQL result index 13 in /home2/ninjakil/public_html/ninja/class/class_db_mysql.php on line 94

I would suggest upgrading to v2.0.3 of mc2 to get over your security issues.

Found it quite slow to load. Optimize your graphic content.

You could improve this simply by enabling gzip compression

http://www.ninja-killaz.com is not gzipped

Actual Page Size: 6.54 KB

Size if Gzipped: 2.69 KB

Potential Savings: 58.87%

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Do not over compress it leads to errors. Generally if your on a hosted / control panel system then you will only have the option to enable/disable and the settings will be done for you.

For Zu I use a nginx optimized server and htaccess file with further configurations mostly recommended from yslow and gzip enabled.

http://rulerofzu.com is gzipped

Original Size: 8.73 KB

Gzipped Size: 3.17 KB

Data Savings: 63.69%

Big difference isnt it!

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Nope. Still way off on the security. Why dont you download v2.0.3 from your mccodes account ;)

What he said. Any mods will still work, however you will need to spend some time when you change over. I would suggest until it’s fixed up you disable logging in/registering.

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