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In the US its not the same as the in the UK.. In order to have some thing copy righted here you have to apply for it and it takes about 2 or more months at times. http://www.copyright.gov/records/ is the website for looking up and applying for a copyright....

What is funning is under copy right laws for the USA.. you cant copy right any type of http web code... Because no matter what I do I can NOT copy right any of my webpages that I have. I can only copy right names like the name of my business, slogans, and trademark pics. I spend over 3 hours on the phone trying to get my shit copy righted.

and as far as McCodes there are not copy right recored under that name. So do you have a number that will prove that there is some sort of copy right for the USA for this.. So that We know for a fact that you some how beat the systems and copy righted web site code.. Then I can take the number and call the copy right office and tell them that they will copy right my shit cus they allowed you to copy right yours. Help me out here.. im tired of people stealing my shit and there is nothing i can do about it ..

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I can only copy right names like the name of my business

That's a trademark, not copyright. You can't copyright names.

You don't need to apply for copyrights...

Quotes from copyright office:

"Copyright is secured automatically when the work is created, and a work is “created” when it is fixed in a copy or phonorecord for the first time."

"No publication or registration or other action in the Copyright Office is required to secure copyright."

"registration is not a condition of copyright protection"


I'm not a lawyer and I doubt anybody else here is one either, but everybody should just read the FAQ before they start arguing about copyrights.

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If it were pointless then why would the copyright office say it's optional?

Copyright enforcement in the courtroom depends on your evidence, and is up to the judge/jury. If you can prove your copyright without having registered in the co, then that works just as well. I'm not saying that registering has no benefits - it's just not necessary unless you're intending to sue somebody.

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No offense. but you obviously didn't read that image.

That image is form the site. It says clear as day...

"You will have to register, however, if you wish to bring a lawsuit for infringments of a U.S work."

See, if it is 'not' registered, you can't (in the USA that is.) Not sure other countries. But it pretty obvious...there in black and white, no register, no sueing (well, your 99.9% going to lose).

I'm not going to talk about this anymore, I just posted that so everyone else would see it...That is from the copyright site...So, to me, any arguements saying you can sue without registering is just an opinon or someone wanting to argue, lol. Why? Cause like said before, it is there in black and white..

Again, not attacking you or trying to start a fight. Just stating facts.


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No offence, but I don't think you read my reply either.

I didn't argue against your statement ("You will have to register, however, if you wish to bring a lawsuit for infringments of a U.S work.").

I quote myself:

unless you're intending to sue somebody


And now to quote you:

any arguements saying you can sue without registering is just an opinon or someone wanting to argue

I agree.

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Ravan has been taken down - Officially offline. We'll be taking them to court to claim loses and to prove infringer's out there to not make the same mistake-like. We are only here to help expand web browsing community, please appreciate our work.

Small unlicensed games continue to go offline until a concrete statement that "MCCodes are now serious about copyrights" has been laid across solidly.

Ummmmmmmm no Ravan has not been taken down.


I know because I bought his script about a month ago and when I figured out it was illegal I threatened him with a paypal claim and he gladly refunded my money. This script can be downloaded at a million places man...... I don't think your copyright is working bro. Good luck to you trying to take down every site that uses your script illegally.... I am pretty sure it will take you a million years or so considering there are thousands of people online using this script illegally. I however will be buying your script soon :)

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Apologies for sounding like an idiot, but have you guys seriously not taken these guys down yet? If you want to let people know to take you seriously and actually buy your script, you have to take them down. Everyone knows they sell illegal scripts. Its not like your trying to shutdown piratebay or anything, its probably some 14 year old kid who thinks he's doing the world a favour with his stupidity. I still can't believe this whole saga is going on.

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To be honest if they are committing a illegal act and no legal way will stop them personally i'd consider myself justified in any illegal action which may result in them ceasing with the illegal act therefore hypothetically you could take a illegal action towards for example (the hosting company with 20 thousand Zombies). Obviously i am not promoting you should do anything illegal or i will/would but hypothetically it is a option to be taken if all else fails.

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@Paul: Domain registrar is based in the US, and they are sizable. They should have complied to the DMC act within a few hours, but I have no updates on that.

The hosting provider, even though they use Globex lines(partly US based), is based in the Netherlands(some may argue, but that's what my tools proves).

All I can say is that, they have switched from domain registrars.

But I agree, any illegal activity is a crime and should be dealt as such. If lawyers has been contacted or informed of this, Ravan would not be up as we speak.

So either the legal personnel acquired by MCCodes is inferior, in ways of dealing with their hosting company - or MCCodes does not have the funds to pursue legal action against the company.

The last theory sounds correct, even though you can get legal help from companies you pay on a monthly basis(wich is also a very small fee).

The whole anatomy here is that something more needs to happen from MCCodes side, or they should pursue better legal advice.

On another note, MCCodes may employ a legal company based at the same location to the company, which would speed up things.

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With all the reporting of torrents and things. What do you put in the report message? Because I'm willing to do some repporting, but I don't know what I should put :P

I take it you put something on the lines of, "I'm reporting this torrent (or whatever) as it breaks the copyright laws of MCCodes."

Or something like that :)

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As long as they are based out of an "Off-Shore" company in a place such as the Netherlands, MCCodes will not touch them. The only way to "bring them down" would be to take Illegal Action, Your never going to get a reply from the companies out of there ever, They are specifically instructed to deny/ignore all DMCA notices.

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Not really. I have seen many companies based in countries that do not apply to the DMC act that are trustworthy.

There are ways to bring down websites based in non-compliant countries, such as legal. But the main thing I would say is that even the off-shore companies use network providers that's HQ is in the US.

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