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  1. This is a modifaction I was talking to a friend about, he gave some ideas as what he'd want on the mod, As for a new game for him it was a nice idea. I was bored, And everyone knows when I'm bored I'm lethal. Anyway this is a hourly reward system that's been taken from http://www.mccodemods.com/devforum/featured-free-v2-mods/hourly-reward-(v2)/ and been built upon, to have a log system behind it so staff can see who's had per reward. Add-ons to this will be Order by hour/day/month with a selection key, however I'm working full time aswell so only time I will build upon this is when I'm not working. This was tested on wamp and worked without a problem.   The main file (reward.php) <?php //original mod by mark mascola August 11, 2011 ## ReCoded by Jordan. include_once(DIRNAME(__FILE__) . '/globals.php'); global $h, $userid; echo '<h2>Reward Centre</h2><br /><p>You can only collect a reward per hour. One per account</p>'; $user = $db->query('SELECT `userid` `level`,`reward_hour` FROM `users` WHERE `userid` = '.$userid.''); $row = mysql_fetch_assoc($user); $wait = $row['reward_hour']; if (!isset($_POST['submit'])) { if($row['reward_hour'] >= 60){ echo 'You have already had your reward, Come back in '.$wait.' minutes'; exit($h->endpage()); } else{ $hourlyMoney = $row['level']*rand(200,300); $hourlyPoints = rand(1,3); echo 'You have been rewarded $'.number_format($hourlyMoney).' & '.number_format($hourlyPoints).' crystals for playing this hour'; $db->query('UPDATE `users` SET `money` = `money` +'.$hourlyMoney.',`crystals` = `crystals` +'.$hourlyPoints.', `reward_hour` = 60 WHERE `userid` = '.$userid.''); $db->query('INSERT INTO `reward_log` VALUES ('.$userid.',unix_timestamp(),'.$hourlyMoney.','.$hourlyPoints.')'); exit($h->endpage()); } } else{ if($row['reward_hour']){ echo '<p><form method = "post"> <input type = "hidden" name = "valid" value = "yes" /> <input type = "submit" name = "submit" value = "Claim Your Reward" /> </form></p>'; } } ?>   Staff Logs.php edits case 'rewards': reward_logs(); break;   function reward_logs() { global $db,$ir,$c,$h,$userid; $_GET['st'] = abs(intval($_GET['st'])); $rpp=100; print "<h3>Reward Logs</h3> <table width=75% cellspacing='1' class='table'> \n<tr style='background:gray'> <th>User</th> <th>Time</th> <th>Cash</th> <th>Crystals</th> </tr>"; $row = $db->fetch_row($db->query('SELECT `username` FROM `users`')); $select=$db->query('SELECT `reward_id`,`reward_time`,`cash`,`crystals` FROM `reward_log` WHERE `reward_id` > 0 ORDER BY `reward_time` DESC LIMIT '.$_GET['st'].','.$rpp.''); while($r=$db->fetch_row($select)) { print "\n<tr> <td>".$row['username']." [{$r['reward_id']}]</td> <td>" . date("F j, Y, g:i:s a",$r['reward_time']) . "</td> <td>{$r['cash']}</td> <td>{$r['crystals']}</td></tr>"; } print "</table><br /> "; $mypage=floor($_GET['st']/$rpp)+1; $q2=$db->query("SELECT `reward_id` FROM `reward_log` WHERE `reward_time` != 0"); $rs=$db->num_rows($q2); $pages=ceil($rs/$rpp); print "Pages: "; for($i=1;$i<=$pages;$i++) { $st=($i-1)*$rpp; print "<a href='staff_logs.php?action=rewards&st=$st'>$i</a> "; if($i % 7 == 0) { print "<br />\n"; } } stafflog_add("Viewed the Reward Logs (Page $mypage)"); }   CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `reward_log` ( `reward_id` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `reward_time` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `cash` varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', `crystals` varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', PRIMARY KEY (`reward_id`) ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1;   Cron_min.php $db->query("UPDATE `users` SET `reward_hour` = `reward_hour` - 1 WHERE `reward_hour` > 0");
  2. I'm sorry but I highly doubt anyone will take you up on the 25% offer. Spelling and grammar is the only thing we have to go on when deciding on taking projects on (without knowing the person) & it takes a very long time to redevelop & secure any RPG engine. Instead of opening a game, why not try to learn how to develop in php, Even with basic knowledge it'll pay off better than simply opening a game right now. Any 'small time' website develop will charge around $200 - $350 for that many files, depending on engine & how much to actually do.
  3. I gave you a reference to look at. I'm not doing the work for you, you'll never learn.
  4. I came across a few problems, I haven't even registered because to be nice to be harsh the game didn't attract me as it should.   Here are some tips :-) A) Organise the game, If its menace, sort the description ect, It's very confusing to go to a game and it be called something else. B) On the register page - Move verify email under email, Looks nicer - Add a captcha system. C) Redo the Game rules, They're all the same thing really. Reword. Good luck though :)
  5. A quick search of the forums, Returned This has been done Take a look at that edit to what you need :-) Good Luck
  6. http://developers.fortumo.com/pay-by-mobile/making-a-payment
  7. Someones either using a illegal copy of mccodes or taking a £23 loss. -> http://www.xe.com/ucc/convert/?Amount=100&From=USD&To=GBP Unless your using redux. Anyway, details of where the sites being hosted, Any members needed.
  8. I don't see the problem with any Multiple Accounts UNTILL they interact in any way. I have always done admin approval this way.. Blocking main same IP on the register page, With a notice to email the Owner @ email_address to get a second account approved. Once approved users are under very strict instructions, They cannot attack each other for IP, Cannot Buy each others items/crystals/whatever to help progress any same IP based account. In my last project I simply recorded all SAME IP accounts, However don't let everyone have a second account, You have to make the game fair, Always remember that.
  9. Without sounding dumb, How are these licences separated? Is it simply the terms? (Please know I haven't been around since Redux or w/e has been released so I wouldnt know)
  10. I'm sure in the rules of MCCodes, you cannot trade licence , As its per domain and you're not gunna get a game for $50 if its legit
  11. Last time I checked this wasn't allowed.
  12. We need to see what you're doing within a query. Make sure you're doing the query correct -> http://php.net/manual/en/function.mysql-num-rows.php
  13. I don't actually see where thread is going but I thought I'd share my own personal view. Many people have so many bones to pick with MCCodes & There code, I for one have worked closey with them and there alright, they'rs times they pissed me right off but there okay guys, They've been late with the patch and I havent actually seen the code of the 'patch' nor have I spoken to anyone about it, I heard Paul Evans was supposed to be doing the recode of the MCV2 and thats all I've heard. This is a support forum for RPG Gaming & Discussions, MCCodes is singled out because it's always been 90% of the forums posts due to people getting it free & has so much support, that being said its always lacked when it comes to MCCodes actually supporting there product and this is why it fustrates alot of website developers, Because we have to go round listening to story of hard working people being Hacked and such because they thought they'd brought a secure reliable engine. At some point of other you've gotta give up caring and do you're own thing, We've all offered MCCodes support, Alot of people know some days I was working night and day getting games shut down & working with customers sorting there problems, I was never paid ''brilliant'' for this but I enjoyed helping, this is what this forum is lacking, people who enjoy helping each other, Everyone has something bad to say, No one wants to help anyone, If someone asks for help there automatically "lazy" or a "n00b". As for the MSG to rulerofzu, Nickson has already covered it, All I can say to that is ColdBlooded would of woken up in the wrong mood and you got the high end of it, The more attention you attract the more they'll notice you. "MWG isnt MCCodes" - this is actually very true really, MWG is a self run forum it has no owner, It has admins that do simply that run the forum, The overall owners are the members as without them there is no MWG. It works both ways. @Spud - I disagree with your post, A moderator doesnt have to know anything, As long as the mod can do there job & work professionally when needed I see no problem Take a look at this - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_forum#User_groups
  14. The prices are abit steep, In order to sell for a decent price, Instead of 'Buy It Now' only, Use the online auction & have a reserve price :-)
  15. '.$ir['login_name'].' - You're Login Name. '.$r['login_name'].' - There login name (Example for viewuser.php)
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