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Need Help


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Hello all.

Im only 17, but I am an okay PHP Programmer. And I have obtained a copy of McCodes Lite

I want to make a game, and transform it into a more advanced one. But no free web hosting has crons, well that I know of.

So if you guys can help me out..gimme some work so I can get a few dollars to pay for a host, or maybe suggest a free webhost that does allow crons that would be great.

I'm really excited to get my website underway. And anything will be helpful

Please PM me, or just post it.

I will be checking up on this post very often, thanks every one

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Re: Need Help


Like I said, I am only 17, and I really cannot pay for this.

So is there like any work out there I could do?

Something simple and easy to gain a first 5 bucks to pay for a months server, and maybe a bit more work?


Why do you have 2 accounts on here? :?

Could go use a PTC site, if your really that desperate..

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