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    PHP Load Times

    It seems like both of you are measuring the php processing time. The biggest time consuming part of delivering a web page to a user is sending the data over the wire. Another issue that hugely dominates over php processing time is javascript execution time (and possibly locking of the browser during script execution). One can easily shave a tenth of a second by focusing on those areas, which is far more time than all of the times listed in the first two posts (measured by the hundredths and thousandths, as opposed to tenths). Therefore, if you php execution time stays well below the time it
  2. Thanks TwiztedFake for posting the problem and the solution. I apologize for not responding sooner. I've been slammed busy. I'll push out a 1.0.3 version very soon to correct that error. The 1.0.3 will also contain one php 4 compatibility update as well. Cheers   PS Please post any bugs here. I will investigate any bugs that come up.
  3. @CrimGame.com: flattery will get you nowhere :P Thanks for the compliments. @Rasheed Saeed: Again, thanks for the compliments. @reek13: What character encoding is that page using? I need to know the character encoding that the browser uses. If you know how to change that, set it to UTF-8 @Enuf: Thanks for the suggestion. This is a replacement for the ***stock*** gangs. Therefore, it cannot have features the stock gangs do not have. However, there is a plugin system built into this mod and you are more than welcome to make a gang image staff menu plugin for this. Once they plugin is
  4. Add this after the other functions you added: if(!function_exists(array_combine)) { function array_combine($arr1, $arr2) { $out = array(); $arr1 = array_values($arr1); $arr2 = array_values($arr2); foreach($arr1 as $key1 => $value1) { $out[(string)$value1] = $arr2[$key1]; } return $out; } }
  5. Add this code right after the array_diff_key() fix:   if (!function_exists(array_fill_keys)) { function array_fill_keys($keys, $value) { return array_combine($keys,array_fill(0,count($keys),$value)); } }   Cheers
  6. Alrighty, to fix the array_diff_key error, find this code at the very top of yourgang.php:   <?php   Replace that with this code:   <?php if (!function_exists('array_diff_key')) { function array_diff_key() { $arrs = func_get_args(); $result = array_shift($arrs); foreach ($arrs as $array) { foreach ($result as $key => $v) { if (array_key_exists($key, $array)) { unset($result[$key]); } } } return $result; } }   This fix is only needed for folks using php < 5.1 So if you're using php 5.0.x or php 4.x.x, you need this fix. This will
  7. Thanks for reporting the errors mixerman212. That was very helpful. I didn't realize array_diff_key() is only available in php 5.1 or greater. Both of those errors are php 4 compatibility issues. I'll look into a workaround for this. The array diff key one will take some time, but the first one can be fixed by finding this code in the public/gang_list.php file: /**/ $atoz = range('A', 'Z'); $all_selected = ' selected'; foreach ($atoz as $key => &$value) { if (strtoupper($letter) === $value) { $selected = ' selected'; $all_selected = ''; } else { $selected = ''; } $val
  8. GANG REPLACEMENT This is a replacement for Mccodes V2 gangs. It replaces all of the gang pages except for the organized crimes. If you are looking for a gang script that has none of the same old bugs that plague mccodes, then you have found the solution right here! The same programming excellence that has made the Horizons Game Engine the most secure browser game engine, has created the new fantastic gang replacement mod. Without further ado, the mod can be downloaded at the following link: http://makewebgames.io/index.php?page=DownloadDBData&dataID=33 SCREENSHOTS [tabmenu]
  9. After a successful beta test, the gang mod is being released today! Once the download link becomes available in the script vault, I'll post an announcement in the free mods forum, along with screen shots. Cheers
  10. Just a quick update for the folks who are anxiously awaiting the release of the gang replacement mod. The beta test is going well. So far only one bug has been found and that bug was very minor. Gang attack logs showed any fights that were won as "drawn". That has been fixed. I want to thank the folks who are beta testing. The final release of the gang replacement mod should be within the week. I have the first official plugin for the gang replacement mod about 50% complete. It's a large mod that will be priced very attractively. The staff panel (the game staff, not the gang staff) fo
  11. Ignore the code posted below, it's just to document the yourgang.php file and put a timestamp on it.   <?php /** * @name gangs.php * @author Floydian * @link [url]http://www.phphorizons.com/[/url] * @version P1.0.0 * @copyright All rights reserved by Floydian and PHP Horizons 2009,2010 */ ##################################################### # HEADER CODE -- You may need to use the header # # code that is included in your game. For instance, # # if you are running mccodes vs 2, you would need # # to remove the below code and include globals.php # ############################
  12. Thanks for the offer. I'm very interested in getting folks using the mod in number. I am 99.99% confident about it working fine on a version 2 game. The aspects of testing I'm looking to flesh out are what happens when there are 20 gangs, 15 wars, and lots of activity.   You certainly may add your 2 pence ;) This mod only includes stock mccodes version 2 features because it's intended to be a drop in replacement. I.e., it does not require altering the gangs table and adding a gangPIC field. It would be great to see a mod that adds in those features. Cheers and thanks for your re
  13. I'm looking for one or two game owners to beta test my new free gang mod. The mod is finished, and ready to be released, but I want to put it into a live game for real testing before I release this to the general public. This gang mod is and will always be entirely free. Anyone will be allowed to make mods that can plugin to it. They can give those mods away for free or they can sell them. I haven't decided on the exact license that I will release this under because I need a license that will allow folks to make additions to the software and sell it. Now you know that the software you wo
  14. Floydian


    That's a good way to do things. Selecting all the fields from the users table might be inefficient if there are lots of fields. What really costs the most is doing the query in the first place, regardless of whether you select 2 or 20 fields. But if your users table has 100 fields, and you can select just 10 of them, that might start getting into a situation where there's a good savings in not selecting everything. Now your script could use some improvements though. Number one, instead of using -1 as the default, null is prefered. null is the default value for unset php variables, and it re
  15. This is just my two cents. I personally use and recommend Zend Studio 5.5 Yeah, that's 5.5, not 6, and not 7. Reason: Since Zend 6 and the move from being a native windows app to being an Eclipse plugin, Zend changed a lot. If you like Eclipse PDT, then you will probably like Zend 7, but if you liked Zend 5.5, then you will definitely want to try Zend 7 before you pay for it... From what I can tell, Eclipse PDT has pretty much everything Zend 7 has. PDT = free and Zend 7 = $400 big ones. cheers! PS: I do use Eclipse PDT whenever I'm doing PHP 5.3 specific code since Zend 5.5 doe
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