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  1. Veramis


    Is that sarcasm? I mean to me it's pretty obvious he meant hat
  2. If they have more than one quantity of an item and list in multiple places at once that's fine. But an (item x quantity) should be removed from the inventory as soon as it is listed and stored in whichever database for whichever market using the userid of the lister. It should not remain in the inventory, that's just too much trouble.
  3. Still telling me I haven't validated my email
  4. Used a different address, verified and now this.
  5. It was typed correct. I'm not sure what's going on. I'm using a yahoo email address
  6. Still haven't gotten a validation email
  7. I'm digging the dark layout. Overall game function and design is pleasing to me
  8. True, usually games have clear guidelines for harassment, I myself have used in the past the rule that offline hits don't count towards harassment. Harassment to me is something that impedes gameplay, with the player being at fault for leaving items and whatever else on the market, I don't see it as harassment so much as a lesson learned. Now if those mugs all happened online then it'd be a little different.
  9. I know, I still don't see the point in restricting it. Limiting gameplay because one player makes a mistake and leaves money out makes no sense.
  10. Just out of curiosity why would you want to stop it? In all my years of text based games one constant was that you needed to watch leaving money out or you would get robbed. Part of strategic gameplay is making sure not to leave stuff on the markets and then log out. Limiting people to mugging player a once every 24 hours is really limiting gameplay.
  11. Oh yea, welcome to the madhouse! Now Dave how about that money? 😂
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