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[review]Serious Wars


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Re: [review]Serious Wars

lol I am not the fool and do you know how to spell what because you spelled was instead of what lol also its not like i am downgrading your site which i am not your site looks good for being on a free host still also i am only pointing out something that was wrong in my point of view and as for active i don't know that your sites better because a lot of the times of the day i have over 20+ players active within a 15minute span there is only certain times of the day when players are low bot not trying to get off topic it is a nice game that players can enjoy good job

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Re: [review]Serious Wars

Game login is alright maybe redoing your register to match it well I register to see whats awaiting for me in the inside well I login in and the first thing that comes to my attention is a couple errors.

Warning: Division by zero in /home/ehiagwin/public_html/mainmenu.php on line 10

Warning: Division by zero in /home/ehiagwin/public_html/mainmenu.php on line 11


Maybe you could fix that also the images on like all the pages is kinda annoying could make them look more professional but the game looks alright as others say get off free hosting if you have donators then get a real host as you already showed you have a real domain looks you alot more professional. But overall it is a nice game.

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Re: [review]Serious Wars


The game has class, It's not an easy game but at the same time it pulls in your attention.

The chat is always active, Loads of members on daily.

Everyone is pretty helpful for the most part.

The one thing that kinda sucks is that until you hit ATLEAST level 5 you have to do the first 2 crimes and you usually end up in jail for 20-28 minutes.

Aside of that, Everything was setup nicely including the layout.

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