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Add a thumbnail for your themes


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This edit will allow you to add Thumbnails to your uploaded themes should work on all GL versions


you will need to edit the following files



themes/ >>> theme.json file

first lets start with the themeManager,tpl,php file


find (on mine its line 100)

 <th width="60px">Actions</th>

and underneath that add

<th width="60px">Thumbnail</th>


now find ( on mine its line 112 )

[<a href="?page=admin&module=themes&action=edit&themeName={id}">View</a>] </td>

and underneath that add 

<td><img src="{imageloc}" height="150" width="150"></td>


now goto your themes folder and you will need to edit the themes.json file

just add

"imageloc": "themes/NAME OF THEME FOLDER/images/thumb.jpg",

an example would be


"imageloc": "themes/default/images/thumb.jpg",


you can call yoour images what ever you want as long as the json matches the image name


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nice idea, it can be simplified to just an image path ex: theme/NAME/thumbnail.png and posted directly with out any edit to the theme.json (to make it easy to upgrade the core)

oh while we on the topic @Dayo the view dont have any function (i removed the button as i see no need to see the theme details that dont exist xD )

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