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I've been looking around the server trying to map out a plan my game will prioritise gangs it will have things called gang exploder what it does will be you go to your inventory and click use then type the ID of a member your at war with this is to keep the gang wars fair it's all about who's the fastest and who learns ways to do it quickly I want a side bar that has top 3 players and top 3 gangs it will still be like a normal mafia mmorpg but I want to give prizes for top gangs and keep it interesting I want a bookies system that has pretty much anything into you want to bet on a stocks market that follows the inrl one but you play for ingame currency mini games like 8 ball and stuff like that and top player wins prizes what does everyone think? Does anyone wanna work with me and be maybe co owners on this with me @Ben-Nasha

I'm only young what I'm looking for mostly is a friend to advise me point me in the right direction help create some of these mods together to keep it more interesting and learn from them a partner ship like @andr3as & @benniboy

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