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Planes of Tlessa 1.0.0


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Welcome One and All To: Planes of Tlessa

I am unsure if this is the right place to post this, however, lets get into it.

Tlessa is a new PBBG, vs: 1.0.0 that has released TODAY! come on down and join.

- Planes of Tlessa
- Help Documentation
- Discord
- Github (yes it's open source)
- Must be 18+ to chat due to the nature of chat (self moderated for the most part) see rules.

For those playing on mobile, yes this game does work on mobile, but it is a desk top first experience. With that in mind:

- Ipad Pro Users please play in portrait mode
- Mobile players cannot tap on icons on the map to bring up a modal displaying info about said location nor can they instantly teleport to their kingdoms. You can still move around and drag around the map.

For those looking for a set it and forget it game, that's not Tlesssa, while yes it has some idle mechanics - Tlessa aims to be an active game. I want you to stay logged in.

Finally, before we get into it: Tlessa is largley text based - does not support Internet explorer and yes Javascript must be enabled.

Tlessa is a free to play browser based game. I know, "ugh "free" .... " But worry not my friend, it is free:

- No Adds, in or out of game.
- No Cash Shop or Special Currency
- No Energy Systems where you pay to get more time.
- And finally, one last time: YOU CANNOT BUY ANYTHING IN GAME. You want it? earn it.

Some of the idle mechanics:

- Adventures  
- Kingdom Management

Tlessa, being active - has to slow you down. So if you are not gated behind a Energy System, what are you gated behind?

- Time Gates

No you cannot pay to get around these.

These range from 10 seconds, for killing a monster, to 1+ hours depending on how long the adventure will take.

Adventures are the only thing that disable everything. You can always cancel and adventure - and get no rewards - but they disable you from shopping, market board, kingdom management, movement, fighting, crafting, enchanting, setting sail, teleporting and traversing to other planes. (Being dead via dying in an adventure or fighting a monster and being killed also disables all these things)

Adventures can last from 20 minutes to 1-2 hours at most. 

Adventures can quit unexpectedly, if you die or the adventure took too long because you and the enemy are too evenly matched, stats wise.

There is a Time Gate for every action in game. Accept chat.

For example, killing a monster gets you a 10 second time out, while being killed gets you a 20 second timeout before you can revive. As mentioned, dead people cannot do things.

All time gates are visible to the player and persistent. Everything runs in the back ground - so feel free to log out while waiting for an adventure to finish and the game will email you (assuming you have those settings enabled).

Time Gates also allow the player to do multiple actions at once, IE: Fight, Craft and move all the same time, with three respective timers for each.

Tlessa is a stats game. But don't worry its simple.

- Every character has a race and class, every class has a core stat for doing damage.
- Every Piece of equipment that you can buy with gold (and no you cannot buy gold with real money) will increase all your stats by a %.
- Some pieces can drop from adventures and monsters with an affix (enchantment), ie, not from game: `*Sample* Item Name`
  - The name in the ** is the enchantment on the item.
  - These tend to boost stats, skills and so on. You want items with enchantments on them to fight harder critters and go on harder adventures.
- There are two stats to focus on (three if you're an enchanter) - Your Core stat, (ie, Vampie === dur(ability)), your Dexterity (to hit anything) and your (if you are enchanting) intelligence.
- Finally Items in tables, such as the shop, market board or your own inventory can be clicked on to see more details. There are Four types of items, each with their own color: Grey - Normal, Blue: One Enchant, Purple: Two enchants and Gold: Quest Item.
- You cannot buy enchanted gear with real money, but you might want to check out the market board to see if some one is selling what you are after or maybe craft it yourself and enchant it yourself, or find it on a monster/adventure.

You can read more in: Character Stats, Races and Classes and Equipment in the comprehensive help docs (complete with screen shots)

Tlessa lets you do the following in game:

- Fight monsters
- Craft/Enchant
- Train Skills
- Go On Adventures
- Manage Kingdoms (this works differently here, see Kingdoms and Attacking Kingdoms)
- Trade via the market board
- Chat (must be 18+) - see rules
- Move around a map, including set sail, teleport and traverse.
- Explore different planes of existence
- Find Quest Items (you cannot buy these)
- Find Enchanted Items (you cannot buy these from the shop in game or with real money but you can make them via enchanting or buy them on the market board (if some one is selling what you need.)

And more ...

You can play all day every day with out fear of any of the following as they do not exist:

- Leader boards
- Guilds/Factions
- Resets of any kind

The game is in heavy development with the following type of release schedule:

- Major new versions, IE: 2.0 every year or so - These bring loads of new features, changes and planes.
- Minor Versions, IE: 1.1 every 3-4 months - These bring minor changes and feature flush outs, fixes, balances and son.
- Patches, IE: 1.0.1 every few weeks unless the game is broken then ASAP.

I am one developer, with a full time job, the game is open source so feel free to contribute if you want. I make no promises to schedules (again, unless the game is broken).

For example:

2.0 Is currently in development and will bring with it:

- New UI in tail wind to allow dark mode
- New Features to be discussed at a later time.

While 1.1, scheduled for a few weeks out comes with some minor improvements and changes to how things currently work and will include player feedback.

There are bound to be bugs and issues, I have been testing for well over a year and there are unit tests, so fear not the registration page will work, but when it comes to bugs and glitches and such, lets be patient, kind and courteous, I have never personally released a game before. 

With that in mind, the last couple tips I can give you is:

- Pay attention to chat. There are no endless popups or notifications or emails (unless you have those settings enabled and are logged out). All the server messages from kingdom building upgrades, crafting and enchanting results and so on are done via server messages seen in chat. These will be pinkish red and only seen by you.
 - Other notifications you might see are gold ones, these global messages that all players see, from Bob is attacking Jack (war message) to Alice Found Key of the Labyrinth
 - Finally You can see me, The Creator, in chat as bright yellow and large.
 - Text public chat colors will changed based on which plane you are on.
 - To private message some one, click their name in chat or type: /m characterName: message.
   - There is no blocking right now or reporting, but if there is an issue and I am not in game - message me on the discord channel and I will handle it. But I assume we are all adults right?

Character names may not contain special characters, including emojis, spaces, so on. They may only be Alpha Numeric and up to 15 characters long.

ie: TestName45 - Valid, Test Name 45 - Not Valid.

Do not chat from your kingdom, when you chat, your in game location is shown, if you read the Attacking Kingdoms section, you'll know you have to move around the map to find kingdoms - only yours show up for you.

Max level is 1000, harder creatures give more XP - but to fight them you need better gear. To gain a level you need 100 XP each time. (Adventures can give XP bonuses as well as other bonuses such as item drops, gold and skill xp).

Most of all: Have fun. This is a game where you get out of it what you want.

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Planes of Tlessa Launched 1.1.0 With all new features!

Hello all and welcome back, it's been a while since I posted here.  I wanted to chat about my game updates. You can check the release page for more information.

Tlessa, when it launched, was a bit of a messy child. I worked on this game in secret for three years and replicated another game I use to play, with more active elements and less "cash shops and pay to win mechanics". Tlessa is a completely free, add free experience that brings tons of things for players, who like the fantasy genre, to do.

New Features

I won't go into too much detail because there is a lot, and I don't want you to be stuck here reading when you could be logged in and playing!


Celestial Entities are creatures that players can either conjure publicly or privately. These are some of the hardest creatures in the game, but they can drop quest items and a new currency called Shards.

Celestial Entities are conjured by the player, via them speaking to a NPC and paying the appropriate price in both Gold Dust (new currency) and Gold. Players can then compete to be the first to kill, thus the first to get the rewards by teleporting to the location the Celestial Entities spawns at.

These creatures can spawn by the player moving around the map but have a very tiny chance to do so, where as on Wednesdays at 1pm America/Edmonton Time, and event will trigger to let them have an 80% chance to spawn, allowing players to hunt them down for their sweet, sweet rewards!

New Currencies

As mentioned above, there are two new Currencies:

- Gold Dust (Used in conjuration and Alchemy, obtained by disenchanting items)
- Shards (Used in Alchemy, obtained only from killing Celestials)

NPC's, Quests and the Kingdom Holder

1.1.0 brought with it new features such as NPC's and Quests. NPC's are special characters you can interact with via chat through special commands that you can copy and paste from the help docs. These NPC's can do three things: Take or give kingdoms, Allow the player to complete quests or conjure celestials.

Quests are simple and straight forward, if you have the quest item, you speak to the NPC to trade it in for either another quest item, that is upgraded or for access to a locked Skill (Alchemy) or to gain access to other Planes of existence with harder critter and greater rewards.

The NPC Kingdom Holder, known as The Old Man, can take kingdoms that are not walked once every five days, these kingdoms will turn yellow. Any player, on any plane, can go up to one, message The Old Man, ie: /m TheOldMan: Take Kingdom, to take the kingdom for either free (if you have no kingdoms - on that plane) or 10k gold * kingdom amount on said plane.

If these kingdoms are not taken in 5 days after turning Yellow, they will vanish, clearing up space for new kingdoms.

Spell Evasion and Artifact Annulment

While this wont matter too much for players in the early stages. Once you get into fighting Celestial Entities you might notice that you do less spell damage, or artifact damage. That is because you are being "annulled and evaded". While there is nothing you can do to stop this from happening (yet) there are rings that increase these stats for you, so that when fighting celestials, they're spells and artifacts cannot fire or do very little.

Alchemy and Usable Items

There is a new skill, locked behind a quest, that can be unlocked to gain access to a new skill called Alchemy. You can level this skill over time by killing Celestial Entities for shards to craft these items. These are not able to bought from the shop, cannot drop and can be sold on the market board. Some items increase stats for a period of time, other do the same for skills (xp and bonus or modifier bonus) and some items can only be used when attacking kingdoms as you can drop them on kingdoms to do devastating damage.

New Inventory System

Inventory has been changed to introduce new Sets - sets are collections of gear that can quickly be equipped for any occasion. They do follow some rules to be considered equipable or you can treat them as stash tabs. Sets do not count towards inventory max and have no limit on the amount of items in them. There is a tab for Quest Items, which also no longer count towards inventory max. Equipped items also no longer count towards inventory max.

The only things that count towards inventory max now are: Inventory Tab and Usable items tab.

And so much more ...

There's so much more to talk about, and in the last few days some new features like Weekly Celestial Spawn Rate, Daily Gold Dust Lotto and Class Bonuses have made it in for the 1.1.x patch cycle.

I hope to see you all in game,

The Creator.

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5 hours ago, CrazyElk said:

When you refer to "planes" do you mean vast expanses of land? 

If thats what you mean then you should correct the typo given the correct spelling is "plains".

Keep up the good work. 🙂

Planes is still correct in this circumstance it can be used aswell. It's not just a word for aeroplane it can also be used to describe geometry and surfaces. Both can be used but each have a different meaning. 

Edited by URBANZ
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7 hours ago, URBANZ said:

Planes is still correct in this circumstance it can be used aswell. It's not just a word for aeroplane it can also be used to describe geometry and surfaces. Both can be used but each have a different meaning. 

And reality - this plane of existence, for example 😉

Better hills to die on, guys!

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