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Best game script


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I am a Bias source so take what i say with a pinch of salt. 

At the moment GL is one of the most active scripts in development at the moment, i can't think of another more active script. I Started GL about 6-7 Years ago and there was a break for several years but over the last 2 years i have been very active working on it. Granted the free version has not had many updates but ive been busy working on several games using GL as a base as well as modules for the community. 

As for McCodes it really depends on if you need the features McCodes provides, if you need them McCodes would be cheaper but going forward it may be hard to find developers for it as it is an ageing script. But with time and/or money you can easily make the module required to make GL more like McCodes.

If you have any questions feel free to message me 🙂 

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