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Mccodes v1 time doesnt go further


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First time trying something like this i always wanted to run my oen game but never knew how this is verynice but im encountering an issue and tbh i got no idea what to do im not very aknowledge of the language sor more like very rusty anyways my issue is energy doesnt reifll nor brave nor will automatically hospitla time doednt go doen basically all timers just dont run but db is up and  server wokring fine idk what is worng sny suggestions?




This is the link if snyone wanna take a look xd


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15 hours ago, Fabionuno said:

Hmm any suggestions on what i can do? I 

main issue you will face is not being able to run the default crons due to using a free host and these are known to not allow crons at certain intervals. i would personally move to a host that allows 1, 5 min crons or you could look at using timestamp crons instead if you are going to stay to free hosting.

Only 1 i found was by Sniko but would need converted to V1 for you as currently is made for V2


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7 hours ago, jedigunz said:

ionos hosting allows you to set whatever cron you like by writing the script through SSH . they normally offer really cheap hosting for the first 6-12 months and also include a domain. https://www.ionos.com/hosting/web-hosting#plans 

i agree Ionos is a good host but i wouldnt agree with any shared hosting from them due to them having a custom control panel, also as you just said adding crons via SSH definitely not beginner friendly to use, some people even get confused about using cPanel crontab let alone using SSH. Also another issue is you are tied to a contract with ionos so if you dont enjoy the hosting you cant just bail. i use ionos but for 1 of my dedicated servers which i use plesk on which is so much nicer. also when it comes to shared hosting just use 


very cheap and also ran by dave what else could you ask for lol.

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only issue with the host from this website is that i cannot buy a domain directly id have to have a domain alrdy or be hay with subdomain xD


and now ive decidedto go with glv2 instead of mccodes since mccodes was giving me a lot of limitations not just with crons still using it to learn

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