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New Computer No screen showing


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Hi all got a new Desktop PC came today via curry service i set all cables up and connections everything runs well baring the monitor It just won't show the windows operating system which came pre installed any one care to help i got some images that how i set it up

my setup number 1


Setup 2


Final Error


so i asking for any help in order to get my monitor working so i can play on my new PC




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Does it have any install DVDs? Might need driver. You might want to try the other cable port.

came with the drivers disk but cant see anything i tryed over 40 cables to see if it was the cable broken but i keep getting the same error with screen not showing

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First to determine if it's your monitor or computer, plug your monitor in and turn it (monitor) on if you do not get the green light or whatever color the led light is, than it may not be your monitor, but if you get NO light than it is your monitor, second step is, if you have a 2nd monitor try it, if it fails on the second one, than you can assume it is your computer giving you the problem.

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My last post still stands. You need a new card you can at least utilize the DVI cable

It did appear by the pictures that he was using an on board graphics and not a separate graphics card.

Not that it actually matters now given its working.

Still a quick boot to bios would have determined a monitor issue pretty quickly.

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But how would he know in bios if he did not get a screen? He would have went into bios blindly lol.

That was going to be the third step is to see if he could go into bios, if he was able to view the screen for it, but he stated that there was NO screen, so it was either going into bios or resetting his cmos battery, Or he could have put in an OS disk and seen if it came on then.

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Well bios does not rely on the drivers windows will be using and it uses generic ones that do actually work for nearly every monitor.

What you often find is the pc will show the boot screen or splash screen then as windows boots they loose graphics.

Hard to know based on the little info but i do get your point lucky.

Thats why i suggested what i did because its a simple way to determine if its a driver issue or a hardware issue.

As for accessing bios, well thats pretty easy for most boards.

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