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Out of curiosity, for the register form, why did you make the textboxes change to a white when filled in? When that happens, I cannot see what I put into the textbox, which really throws me off.


I was going to post this, then I but had to dash off.

Also is there any chance of a colour change? The dark layout seems uninviting. Might just be me.

Edit #1:

The default theme seems to do it fine.

Edit #2:

Out of curiosity, why do you have the MCCodes support on the GRPG site, along with other engines?

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Sorry, I have changed the theme to default [MENTION=69670]Script47[/MENTION] :)

EDIT : Also I know that not everyone uses GRPG so I thought it would be nice to have a section for other engines for if anyone wants to find out or post about them.

Also [MENTION=70485]G7470[/MENTION] that has been fixed :)

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No not really. Yes fair enough there is other engines on there, but it will be mainly based around GRPG. It will be update as much as possible for the news and blog for the engine. And it will have the shop on there etc. and it will be used to give support for GRPG so the user can find answers quickly or quickly contact a developer for the engine

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Well that is one thing I want to change, I want to support the clients who use the engine. What's the point in trying to make a good engine if there isn't the support the to help it?

Agree 100% with you adam and good luck with the site.

I will register there after all.

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