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The Mafia King Beta v1.0 launches! Win cash prizes!


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Good afternoon to all! Today I am launching a gRPG game with @ to the public for testing purposes.

This game has few custom mods that I would like for others to test and have fun with. If you

do plan on joining the community, please keep in mind that signing up means you are playing

at your own risk. If you decide to purchase any in game credits or points, please do so at own


Like I said before, I do plan on launching the official game. So with that being said:


1st mobster to reach Level 250 will receive $50 via Paypal and $50 credit for upcoming game

2nd mobster will receive $25 credits for upcoming game

3rd mobster will receive $15 credits for upcoming game

There will also be in game events going on so feel free to enjoy the fun and prizes.

Game will be available today!


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RPG-7 [x52] < rare item yet I have 52

I have the 65 million house.

I have 5,000 points.

Strength: 11,342

Defense: 10,207

Speed: 14,801

Total: 36,350

This took me less than 5 minutes to achieve so to answer [MENTION=70600]SHPXLBH[/MENTION] `what are the main exploits? `


Answer ?...Everything.

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