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Hello all, Goodbye all.


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Well hello guys and girls of MWG.

Just your friendly Finnish guy here, I just want to announce that I won't be active on this forum anymore.

I haven't been a member for a very long time, But I hope I have helped those who are members of this forum in some way.

I've met some great people here, A few that I would honestly call friends.

Me leaving this forum doesn't end my web development progression, It is just 1 path cleared on a long journey.


Why am I leaving? Pfff, A few reasons really, Couple that I would rather not say.

But mainly due to the fact that, I just don't feel this forum is the right place for me to go forward and to help me progress in my online development skills. ;)

Am I quitting game development? No, No not at all!

I'm going to pursue a career in online game development, I want to finish a couple text based game projects I have.

And then after that, I have some big plans to go into the Indie gaming development sector (for consoles).

I'm not very good at goodbye's, I'm much more of a "Hello" kinda person... :D

Anyway, Don't be sad that I'm leaving, You can still contact me and talk to me on Skype and by E-mail.

Or If your really old fashioned, Send me a letter.

So, Goodbye everybody!

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3 hours ago, Canjucks said:

Welcome back! Did you reach as far as you dreamed in your original post?

Thank you! 

Yes, I would say I achieved what I wanted to - I still have a long way to go, but I'm working in the video game sector. 
I didn't do anymore web development as I got a pretty neat chance to join a training program with a game development company that works on games for a number of systems/consoles. 


I relocated to Amsterdam.

Had a training role which lasted 10 months before I was hired on full time, since then I have earned my way to a senior development planner position. 

It wasn't quite the role I wanted to begin with, it's a lot less "coding/programming/engineering" but it enables me to have a strong input on the developmental stages of a project. 

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