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I'm working on a new top voting site. Currently I have the basics running, anyone can add a site, there is no sign up required just add your game. Voting link will automatically be generated and also emailed to you.


Don't use cookies alone to log votes because someone can just delete their cookies are repeatedly vote for the same site.

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Been here, seen this. Is a toplistsite really the way to go in 2014?

I can sell you a layout for a toplist website that'll bring in alot of customers

Ah, "slander" the product, and then offer something for $ to improve said product.

You're a businessman.

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I should start kissing ass to sell like you, thanks for the tip


  1. You got a bit too annoyed right?
  2. I hope you meant that figuratively as I really would be shocked if I heard Sniko was in to that stuff. :eek: Just to clarify [MENTION=65371]sniko[/MENTION] you're aren't in to that stuff are you?
  3. I don't see how Sniko is trying to sell anything, in all my naivety care to enlighten me where he's trying to sell anything?
  4. As far as I can tell he isn't giving you any tips, again correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. He did make a valid point, why question someones project then completely then contradict your statement by saying you'll sell him something which would get him more customers.


Just chill.

In other news this was my 800th post. Yay me!

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